In the name of God

Raein Akbarkhanzadeh
born in 1980 tehran-iran

som of the works:
1: quran smallest in diameter and 2/1mm includes 600 pages
2: judging the top 5/7cm of the holy quran that the volume of work that is illuminated
3: engraitng of the holy quran in 22 carat gold plate 16/21cm from the inside volume of jewelry has been
4: engraving of the quran on two sheets of 16/21cm and a volume of silver and silver jenelry
5: the entire quran engraved on a silver plate with dimensions of 16/21cm
6: the entire quran engraved on the plate 16/21cm from 9carat gold and the volume of silver and gold
7: the entire quran engraved on gold plates with dimensions of 16/21cm between the volume of silver work on it that kuwait the holy quran matches will be unveled in kuwaite
8: writing verses of the quran on head hair
9: 160 writing the quran on a grain of rice
10: writing holy quran on a bit of suger
and many other works of raein akbarkhanzadeh:
all this work only with naked eyes without the use of a microscope or magnifying glass is created
the exibitin is held:
-international exibition of tajikestan/doshanbe
-international exibition bosnia and herzegovin
-international exibition quran najaf irag
-international exibition quran tehran iran
-international exibition art of the lahor in pakistan
-international exibition of kuwait islamic lines
-international exibition dubai uae line arab
-international exibition united arabic emirates book sharjeh
-international exibition of quran doha -qatar
-international exibition of quran landon,uk
-international exibition istanbul turkey
-international exibition quran ramadan kuwait and many otere exibition